Friday, January 1, 2010

Comic Book Appreciation Month: Official Post

January…the very first… [insert popping champagne and happy party noises]. No, we are not celebrating the New Year. We did that last year. Priorities my friends and the fest continues into the new year and with a new cause to celebrate [You are anxious about this? Right?] and namely it’s time to kick off the very first Comic Book Appreciation Month.

Welcome. Step inside [take your shows off first damn it; this carpet is brand new] and look here and there and everywhere. I bet you are wondering what you can expect from this month and I shall tell you. The schedule is tight and the blog will be spewing content upon content and the focus will fall on reviews as I have mentioned.

But here are the series that I will introduce you to through the upcoming thirty days in order of appearance on the blog.

Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft and Head Games [mini-series, 6 issues each, 2008/2009]
Birds of Prey [concluded series, 127 issues, 1999/2009]
Herogasm [part of The Boys series, 6 issues arc, 2009]
Ultimates [3 volumes, mini-series, published irregularly 2002-2007]
Fables [on-going series, since 2002, have only 50 issues]
I Kill Giants [7 issues, 2008, mini-series]
Madame Mirage [6 issues, mini-series, 2007]
Fathom [3 volumes, 1998-2009]
Young Liars [18 issues, ongoing series, 2008-2009]
Ana Mercury [5 issues, mini-series, 2005]
Ythaq [2 mini-series, 3 issues each, 2003, 2009]
Savage Red Sonja [4 issues, mini-series, 2008]

To add more variety to the mix I have invited several esteemed guests that you have seen blogging like there is no tomorrow. I have Robert from FBC fame and John Ottinger III of Grasping for the Wind fame, but this is just a sample. There are other Secret Guests from the blogging waters that will make an appearance.

I have also reached out into the world of published authors and artists and thus I have amidst the festivities a guest post from C.E. Murphy and an interview with Holly Black and her artist in crime Ted Naifeh. I also have artist Becky Cloonan talk about comics, art and the industry.

If this doesn’t sound like fun, then you a republican [I am just joking, but to be honest, where this pun came from is a mystery to me as well] or worse a Literati [I have crucifixes, damn you].


ediFanoB said...

You put together a lot of stuff.

I wish you a hell of success.

Harry Markov said...

@ Michael: This is just the review bulk. I have several other things in store that will be aimed at pleasing the readers. :)

Kelci said...

I'm definitely looking forward to January now! I must say I'm most excited about Becky Cloonan, I can't wait.

Harry Markov said...

@ Kelci: I hope you enjoy yourself then and looking forward to seeing you.

Leigh M. Lane said...

Interesting lineup. I can't wait to see more!

Harry Markov said...

And there will be more. Quite more with the people, who want to be in this one.

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