Sunday, March 20, 2011

An Official Farewell

I did try to write the remaining reviews that I owe people here and I failed due to other pressing deadlines. My interest to supply this blog with content has dried up completely and instead, I just want to officially announce that I won't be reviewing here anymore. Mainly, because authors and publicists have approached me for reviews and I don't intend to lead any more people.

The facts remain the same. I had a blast these four years, but at the same time as my own involvement with side projects on the Internet grew as well as the lists of responsibilities I know have to handle, I found that I can't follow my own set deadlines and not even my near Catholic guilt about it couldn't motivate me to perform better.

Really, I can't say that I'll stop reviewing. People know that I'm like herpes; I pop up every once in awhile everywhere so that people don't forget that I exist. I'm most grateful that I met so many of the people I know through this blog and grateful for the books I got to read through this blog AND the chances I got through this blog.

But not to bore you. Farewell. Take care. I'm leaving this blog as an archive for your perusal. Enjoy.

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