Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Me around the Web

December seems to have been a majorly busy month and I have been popping up on quite a few occasions on different blogs and such. Deduction: The Internet is starting to warm up to me and the people running that make the Internet an awesome place to be like me even more. So here is the recap:

Number 1: I have been talking about god knows what on the Book Smugglers’ page. My top 2009 books vs. 01 has been listed there as well as the upcoming and anticipated books that I hope to hold in my greedy book-reading claws and general nonsense I wish reality to bend itself and give me.

Number 2: Pete from Ubiquitous Absence has fit me in his busy program and even posted an interview with me on a Tuesday [extra special ’cause the guy keeps quite close to his Sundays for interview posting purposes] and I had a blast with him. Pete will one day certainly be a top pro at doing these interviews.


I have been diverging some reviews that I had planned here, because I completely neglected the part, where I am also a contributor over at “Fantasy & Sci-Fi Lovin’ News and Reviews”. Here is what you missed:

In contemporary Great Britain, Pamela is the owner of a mysterious Tarot Cafe. After midnight, she receives supernatural clients who come to her for advice through tarot readings. From cats to fairies to vampires, they tell her their stories even as she unravels their past, present and future through her cards. In exchange for her advice, they pay her with beads of Berial's Necklace, which Pamela gathers for her own secret ends.

Based on the best-selling manga!…Bryn McMillan’s boyfriend, Jack, has gone missing. She has the nagging suspicion that something terrible–and otherworldly–has happened to him, a feeling that only increases when she has vivid visions of Jack being chased by a vicious
hunter intent on owning Jack’s soul. Always one to consult psychics, Bryn finds herself at The Tarot Cafe seeking a way to aid Jack in his spiritual struggle. But when she discovers what has happened to him, Bryn finds herself with an impossible choice between a life without love or an eternity of pain by her soul mate’s side.

Seth, Horus, and Osiris are reborn, fated to re-fight their greatest battle.

Samiya, an Egyptian woman, and Taggart, a Canadian professor of Comparative Religion, have nothing in common, until they find themselves on opposite sides of a bloody war for causes neither is sure they believe in.

The Balance is in jeopardy, and either The Fullness: humanity, law, and reason; or The Void: animal instinct, chaos, and death; will soon rule the world.

But which is the right side? Reason has ruled for centuries. Is it time for Chaos to have a chance?

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