Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Comic Book Appreciation Month

I am a spontaneous person and tend to make some decisions based on pure whims, so this shouldn’t come much as a surprise to anyone. There are several reasons why the idea for this themed month came to be.

For starters The Book Smugglers claimed December and as an unofficial disciple/stalker/brain washed follower I have decided to claim January for myself. Fear the Unholy Trinity as they set out to conquer the calendar.

Tiptoeing to reason two. I’ve gigabytes upon gigabytes of comic book scans on my computer, which is a shame as I want to have every single series in issues, stacked beautifully, but since there are only three series available in my country and funding is sparse I’ve resorted to some shady reading techniques. As my hard disk memory wanes I need the motivation to read all that has been stored.

Gradually the two ideas collided into epic brainstorming and the bastard child in this case is this event. I am starting small, testing the water and the outcome from January 1st-31st will say whether this will stick on the program. As a beginning venture this is small scale, but be sure that the program will be bloated and brimming.

I have decided to show my love and geekery for comic books in all shapes, sizes and lengths with a whole month filled with reviews, which will cover long ongoing series, medium sized completed series, one shots, limited series, beginning series and what not. I have invited a few awesome people from blogs that I follow to contribute with a guest post article and there will be interviews with authors and writers. The cherry on top will be the separate content that I will provide as well from rank lists to art and just plain comic book character geekery.

I know January is a strange month to pick, when the holidays are saying farewells and we are left feeling like a Santa Claus in the waist line and like we have been swimming in a brewery around New Year’s Eve. We have to get back to work and we are not happy about that, but what better way to kick off the new than with some Geek love and appreciation for a medium that has given us so much and is still regarded as something reserved only for children and socially impaired adults.

If you happen to be on the same bandwagon and want to honk the horn for comic books, then feel welcomed to visit as this event unfolds, e-mail me what you liked and you would have liked to see or what you think needs improvement. I’d love to do this again next year, so shoot suggestions with what series should I tackle, which artists to check out and which writers to be aware of.

I would feel honored, if you would help yourself with these images and help spread the word should it be by adding them to your blog’s side bars [my personal wet dream] or just dropping a line that this is taking place.

So this is my before Christmas announcement and hope to see you guys on January 1st.


Leigh M. Lane said...

I look forward to your posts (fellow comic geek, here). I stopped collecting about ten years ago, when the price just became too much, but I still have several hundred comic books and cards that I cannot bear to part with. My favorite comics are Uncanny X-Men and the first several books of the X-Men Unlimited series, and my favorite graphic novel is V for Vendetta. ;-)

Cindy said...

YAY comic book month! I look forward to it :P. I still say you should cover an Archie and Betty and Veronica day!

Mark David said...

I hope the product of your epic brainstorming turns out as an epic event :)

Enjoy a wonderful time with your loved ones Harry!

Harry Markov said...

@ Lisa: When I get around to collecting I guess that this will be a problem for me as well, which is a shame. Good choices. X-Men are my favorite series, but for this month I decided to tackle other series and ideas.

@ Cindy: Ah, I am not an Archy fan really. I am more of a super hero kind of guy. Sorry. Next year though I am game.

@MD: Let the epic-ness begin. :)

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