Sunday, December 27, 2009

At the Movies: Spooks

I recently watched Dorian Gray; the movie adaptation of one of the few books I’ll ever say is an all time champion in my list. Since the story has a supernatural spooky element this week I will review two other movies that are all spooky in one way or another [or as in the case of one of the movies listed here tried to be]. I will start with the movie I enjoyed most and will work my down to the one I didn’t enjoy.

Tormented proved once again that British cinema can kick American cinema’s ass any time it wants and this teen slasher horror flic is a top contester in the kick-ass category. There’s a ghost and he wants revenge on those that made his life a living hell. Nothing surprising here and to be honest it isn’t even scary anymore, but the movie has its tense moments, especially when the mobile technology is used against the texting teens. However it wasn’t the horror that won me over completely. It was the dialogue and actors, who delivered each clever, witty and acidic line with conviction. When Brits get nasty and mix that with nasty humor, it’s a spectacle unlike any and then the way these teens died one after the other was most satisfying.

Humor + Sadistic Payback = Fun [sprinkle some peer pressure, love, sex and school life for measure]

Dorian Gray comes second, because it wasn’t what made The Picture of Dorian Gray special, but the very least it was a valiant attempt. The book is 250 pages, but these are 250 pages of utter brilliance and I knew that to capture the essence they would need to make a mini-series for television with a great budget. Nevertheless I felt satisfied that the very least it is a decent movie to watch. There are several large inconsistencies that I did not agree with, but I know what has to be done in order for a book to be made into a picture, so no surprises there. The very least I enjoyed the acting of Ben Barnes, who did a better job here than as Prince Caspian in the Narnia sequel and there is also Colin Firth, who made this production a wonderful experience and is Lord Henry to the very last detail.

Jennifer’s Body. Gee, what can be said here? I knew it would suck, but I wanted to make sure whether or not a Diablo Cody script could possibly create the illusion that Megan Fox can act. The answer is yes and no at the same time. I spotted too many clichés in this genre or if they weren’t, I guess tropes that don’t generally excite me and I had high hopes for Diablo Cody movie [’cause anybody named Diablo seems cool] and Megan Fox still can’t show an emotional range that can surpass a blow-up doll with a recorder in its mouth. However I didn’t feel the need to check how much time has passed, but I guess it all has to do Amanda Seyfried, an actress that still has a way to go, but which I generally like as a person.

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