Friday, September 25, 2009

The Emmys? What was that?

Yes, Kanye interrupted yet another important event, but to be honest he had every night, because we have the MEGA AWESOME hostesses of all Ana & Thea yawning and waving off the much celebrated Emmy Awards and host their own awards as a way to appear even cooler.

So...we watched the Emmys last Sunday. And as usual, the same shows took the same awards (30 Rock, Mad Men, etc, yawn, etc). We've had enough of it! In the spirit of awesome host Neil Patrick Harris as Doctor Horrible, we are taking over the Emmys...and assigning our own winners! It's the Smugglies, baby!

Best Series, Drama


'Big Love'

'Breaking Bad'





'Mad Men'

(Emmy Winner: Mad Men)

Smugglies Winner: LOST

Ok, so we're not totally unhappy with this win from MAD MEN. But we would have been equally happy with a win from DEXTER or LOST. And what's with some of these nominees? Does anyone actually KNOW anyone that watches BREAKING BAD? How is f***ing BATTLESTAR GALACTICA not on this list!??!?! (For the record, BSG would have been Thea's best drama winner) Or how about FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS?

Best Series, Comedy


'30 Rock'


'Family Guy'

'Flight Of The Conchords'

'How I Met Your Mother'

'The Office'


(Emmy Winner: 30 Rock)

Smugglies Winner: The Office

Seriously, 30 ROCK again?!?! Yes, it's funny. Yes, we love Tina Fey. But is it better than the awkward humor of THE OFFICE? Does it have anything on the smart progression and growth of THE OFFICE??? No freaking way. And why isn't IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA on this list? Yeah, it's a show about horrible people, but it's freaking hilarious, decidedly un-PC, and just wonderful all around.

Best Actor, Drama


Bryan Cranston - 'Breaking Bad'

Michael C. Hall - 'Dexter'

Hugh Laurie - 'House'

Gabriel Byrne - 'In Treatment'

Jon Hamm - 'Mad Men'

Simon Baker - 'The Mentalist'

(Emmy Winner: Bryan Cranston - 'Breaking Bad')

Smugglies Winner: Michael C. Hall - 'Dexter'

Again with BREAKING BAD. Come on. If you're gonna go with the damn Emmy staples, at least give it to Hugh Laurie or Jon Hamm again. What the fuck is weird eyebrows dude Simon Baker doing on this list in the first place!? Way to sneak that one in there, CBS.

Best Actress, Drama


Sally Field - 'Brothers & Sisters'

Glenn Close - 'Damages'

Mariska Hargitay - 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'

Holly Hunter - 'Saving Grace'

Kyra Sedgwick - 'The Closer'

Elisabeth Moss - 'Mad Men'

(Emmy Winner: Glenn Close - 'Damages')

Smugglies Winner: Mary McDonell - 'Battlestar Galactica'

Ok, yeah Glenn Close is awesome. I mean, she's freaking Glenn Close! But we dare anyone to tell us that Mary McDonnell doesn't deserve this award. As President Roslin, Mary McDonnell was a hard ass like Glen Close's character on Damages, but with such vulnerability and subtlety too. It's a crime that she's never been nominated for her work on BSG.

At least Anna Paquin didn't make the list. THEN we would have been gouging our eyes out.

Best Supporting Actor, Drama Series


William Shatner - 'Boston Legal'

Christian Clemenson - 'Boston Legal'

Aaron Paul - 'Breaking Bad'

Michael Emerson - 'Lost'

John Slattery - 'Mad Men'

William Hurt - 'Damages'

(Emmy Winner: Michael Emerson - 'Lost')

Smugglies Winner: Michael Emerson - 'LOST'

We really cannot argue more with the academy's choice for best supporting actor. Michael Emerson is creepy and terrifying and vulnerable and made of pure acting awesomeness. We love the bug eyed bastard. (Although what's with the two BOSTON LEGAL nominees??? Is that show still on?? Yeesh. How about getting Josh Holloway a look here? No? Or James Callis for Gaius Baltar? Or Alessandro Juliani for his heartbreaking portrayal of Gaeta this final season?)

Best Supporting Actress, Drama Series


Rose Byrne - 'Damages'

Hope Davis - 'In Treatment'

Chandra Wilson - 'Grey's Anatomy'

Sandra Oh - 'Grey's Anatomy'

Dianne Wiest - 'In Treatment'

Cherry Jones - '24'

(Emmy Winner: Cherry Jones - '24')

Smugglies Winner: Rose Byrne - 'Damages'

Rose is the real heart of DAMAGES, and we're kinda shocked she didn't take home the award. If Diane Wiest won it, that's one thing, but Cherry Jones for 24??? Really? We also would have loved to see Elizabeth Mitchell for her work on LOST in this category, or how about Tricia Helfer or Grace Park for their work on BSG?

Best Actor, Comedy


Alec Baldwin - '30 Rock'

Tony Shalhoub - 'Monk'

Jim Parsons - 'The Big Bang Theory'

Steve Carell - 'The Office'

Charlie Sheen - 'Two And A Half Men'

Jemaine Clement - 'Flight Of The Conchords'

(Emmy Winner: Alec Baldwin - '30 Rock')

Smugglies Winner: Steve Carell - 'The Office'

Steve Carell proved once again this past season on THE OFFICE that he's not only a comedic genius, but he can act his face off. Remember the picnic finale? His reactions and emotions to seeing Holly again? If you remain unconvinced of Steve Carell's acting ability, go give Dan in Real Life a watch. Then come back and talk to us. Also, love Jemaine Clement in FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS. That show is sidesplittingly funny in such a quirky way. Creative, and awesome.

Best Actress, Comedy


Tina Fey - '30 Rock'

Christina Applegate - 'Samantha Who?'

Julia Louis-Dreyfus - 'The New Adventures Of Old Christine'

Sarah Silverman - 'The Sarah Silverman Program'

Mary-Louise Parker - 'Weeds'

Toni Collette - 'United States Of Tara'

(Emmy Winner: Toni Collette - 'United States of Tara')

Smugglies Winner: Toni Collette - 'United States of Tara'

Because...she's really funny and an awesome actress, and we feel like this list is padded with some not really funny nominees.

Best Supporting Actor, Comedy Series


Kevin Dillon - 'Entourage'

Tracy Morgan - '30 Rock'

Neil Patrick Harris - 'How I Met Your Mother'

Rainn Wilson - 'The Office'

Jon Cryer - 'Two And A Half Men'

Jack McBrayer - '30 Rock'

(Emmy Winner: Jon Cryer - 'Two and a Half Men')

Smugglies Winner: Rex Lee - 'Entourage'

Come on, he's LLOYD!!! Who doesn't love Lloyd? I wouldn't find ENTOURAGE half as entertaining if it wasn't for Lloyd. Also, Rainn Wilson and Tracy Morgan definitely deserve these nods. Great jobs, both of them.

Best Supporting Actress, Comedy Series


Kristin Chenoweth - 'Pushing Daisies'

Kristen Wiig - 'Saturday Night Live'

Amy Poehler - 'Saturday Night Live'

Jane Krakowski - '30 Rock'

Vanessa Williams - 'Ugly Betty'

Elizabeth Perkins - 'Weeds'

(Emmy Winner: Kristin Chenoweth - 'Pusing Daisies')

Smugglies WInner: Amy Poehler - 'Saturday Night Live'

Amy Poehler is fucking funny. Not like "Hi I'm Tina Fey and I'm witty and intelligent but not very funny on my own," but like, "Hi I'm Amy Poehler and I'm about to make you piss your pants."

Best Guest Actor In A Drama Series


Edward Asner - 'CSI: NY'

Ted Danson - 'Damages'

Jimmy Smits - 'Dexter'

Ernest Borgnine - 'ER'

Michael J. Fox - 'Rescue Me'

(Emmy Winner: Michael J. Fox - 'Rescue Me')

Smugglies Winner: Jimmy Smits - 'Dexter'

Pure, unfiltered brilliance. That's what Jimmy Smits was this season as Miguel Prado on DEXTER. Brilliance, baby.

So that’s how we feel about this year’s Emmy awards. What about you? Agree ? disagree?

1 comment:

Kristen said...

I certainly agree with the Dexter picks (that's probably my favorite show right now), as well as Lost and The Office ones (and the BSG one of course). Michael Emerson as best supporting actor in a drama was a great choice; he does a fantastic job.

However, I was so glad that Kristin Chenoweth won for Pushing Daisies. She was hilarious on that show. I am so sad Pushing Daisies is gone (and that I didn't discover it until after it was off the air).

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