Friday, August 28, 2009

Challenges: R.I.P IV + Zombie Week

I think that for the sake of relying everything I want to share with you without stretching things for months I will have to work extra and post extra. As you might have noticed I am madly adding clickable banner to my sleeve of widgets and it’s fairly easy to commit to challenges considering that they really resonate with what your reading and passion consists of. This week I managed to get enrolled in two extra events, which pour tainted ambrosia into an onyx goblet for my dark mind to enjoy.

First stop is the R.eaders I.mbiding P.eril IV [R.I.P IV for short] hosted by none other but my dear and oh-so-sophisticated blogger buddy Carl V. over at “Stainless Steel Droppings”. This reading challenge starts September the 1st and ends October the 31st and invites participants to relish into the twisted world of dark tales. Genres acceptable are gothic literature, paranormal, horror, mystery, dark fantasy, suspense and thriller. A blend of these is even more welcome. As usual Carl has set out his challenges disguised as perils and among the four I have taken up the most ambitious perils of them all:

Read Four books of any length, from any subgenre of scary stories that you choose.

I think it’s going to be easy, since my reading consists of dark stories, because those are the ones that make me tick. I seem to have something for doom, gloom and the dark. Here is what my reading list will look like for the upcoming two months:

“Scar Night” by Alan Campbell
“Necropolis” by Tim Waggoner

“Book of Secrets” by Chris Roberson

“Raven Wakes the World” by John Adcox
“There was a Crooked Man” by Edward Morris

“Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley
“24 Bones” by Michael F. Stewart

Reading the fun bits about being in this challenge I came across another one, which made my heart scream with joy. I am speaking about Zombie Week, which starts August 29th and ends on September 5th and promises a lot of fun with reviews, guest posts and giveaways. All, naturally, dedicated to our undead flesh-eating scourge of the apocalypse: the zombies. I have made out a whole program dedicated to the zombies. If all goes well, this is what you will be reading for the next few days alongside regular posts.

Aug. 29th: Highschool of the Dead ~ manga review
Aug. 30th: Zombie Art Showcase
Aug. 31st: Linkage of my previous zombie posts
Sep. 1st: Marvel Zombies vol. 4
Sep. 2nd: Walking Dead ~ comics
Sep. 3rd: Thoughts on Zombies

Sep. 4th: Drag Me To Hell ~ movie review
Sep. 5th: I am keeping this as a surprise.


Carl V. Anderson said...

It is great to have you joining in Harry! I'm excited you're going to be a part of it. Thanks!

And thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate it.

Don't forget to sign up in the Mr. Linky part at the end of my post so that other participants can see your name and blog link to this post.

Memory said...

FRANKENSTEIN is such a good choice. I've heard so many people talking about it lately that I think I may need to reread it myself.

Harry Markov said...

Carl: Yes, I will get down to the Mr. Linky pretty soon. I am just trying to get everything done and this sudden burst of energy does not agree with me. :)

Memory: I never managed to read this one, so I wish to remedy the loss in my fundamentals' classics reading.

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