Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Weird Revival

People. I am quite sure that you love diversity, oddity and even lunacy. I am sure that you want the whole down-the-rabbit-hole experience and you cheer Lovecraft [he wrote weird too]. I am also certain that you want more weirdness in your life an Paul Jessup wants to bring the weirdness to YOU with The Weird Revival.  

We aim to use this money to promote, publicize, and get the word out about weird books. We're strange people, and we like our stories slippery, bizarre, confounding and surreal. It's hard finding such books that are great to read and to ponder of, and we aim to build a community of weird book lovers.

We plan on getting the word out with bumper stickers, t-shirts, a website with reviews and a weird book club, we plan on talking and promoting publishers who publish the weird and writers who write it. Maybe even throw in a podcast or two, or three, or four or something. Who knows? We want to turn readers into evangelistic surreal preachers of the strange. The weirder the books, the better.

Let the revival commence!

What this money goes towards- 
Buying a web domain and host and prepay it for five years 
Hiring a graphic designer to do logos and other promotional utilities 
Buying advertisements in magazines for the website to promote it and the weird 
Getting the word out, getting the word out

We will also be looking for volunteers once the site gets up and going, to help spread the word and do reviews. In about a year, I'm hoping to not only pay people to help us out, but also start moving towards publishing weird works ourselves.

Will you please help? 

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