Friday, July 23, 2010

[NEWS] Wizard's Tower Press opens for business

Good news keep sprouting and I am happy to inform that pretty soon, you cn too open the doors to the past and acquire books long reduced to entries in library catalogues. You will have the chance to experience the rare, woolly Mammoth [yeah, not the smartest comparison, but still]. And the evil scientist to give you the opportunity is Wizard's Tower Press.  READ ON!

Wizard’s Tower is a not a traditional publishing company. We do not generally buy new works, but rather concentrate on making out-of-print works available once more as e-books, and helping other small presses exploit the e-book market. Our interests are solely in the areas of science fiction, fantasy and related markets.

We are interested in hearing from you if:

* You are an author with out-of-print works you would like to make available as e-books.
* You own a small press and are interested in getting into the e-book market but feel you need help.
*You manage an author’s estate and are interested in making that author’s work available as e-books.

We will also publish a small number of limited-print-run anthologies with a view to encouraging diversity in the science fiction and fantasy field. Preference will be given to the following:

* Local author anthologies (particularly from South-West England or Wales)
* Anthologies of work by women writers
* Anthologies of work by LGBT writers
* Anthologies of work by people from specific cultural or ethnic backgrounds
* Anthologies of work translated into English from other languages

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