Wednesday, April 7, 2010

March in Reading: Did I actually read?

Total Works Read: 4
Work Breakdown: Novels – 3, Anthology – 1
Format Breakdown: Hardcover – 1, Softcover – 2, PDF – 1

Total Pages Read: 1,468
Pages by Format Breakdown: Hardcover – 442, Softcover – 734, Scans – 286
Average Pages by Day: 47
Compared to Previous Month: - 57,49% decrease


“Servant of a Dark God” by John Brown
“Angel of Death” by J. Robert King
“Dead Souls” edited by Mark Deniz
“Demon Keepers” by Jessica Andersen


As you know, I challenged Gavin from NextRead to a reader’s duel. Six novels a month as a means to optimize our reading in moderate and acceptable manner, while our egos got the one occasional boost. This month I did not perform as well as I did with the last two, but it was predestined for this to happen, so it’s no surprise.

March started according to plan, which involved me reading eight novels, mind you. But then my glorious plan went down the drain, when my old nemesis, real life, decided to distance me away from my beloved books. Then I also had that ten days long headache session, which ate a considerate amount of my reading time. I would have had only three books read, if it wasn’t for the review I promised the Book Smugglers.

Now with my amazing contributors on board, I do not harbor great ambitions as far as reading goes. Four novels are fine with me, but will aim for six, because that TBR has to lose weight one way or another [and I am not cutting books from it, ludicrous for you to assume]. I am not so sure how that will happen, because I have ‘Gardens of the Moon’ [a book with six pages long list of characters] and the ‘Warriors’ anthology [which is so huge that it should be classified as a lethal weapon].

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