Wednesday, March 3, 2010

[Side Note] Angry Robot to Invade my TBR

I have committed a crime, which now I will hope to amend. I have not read Angry Robot books in a few months, because I was suddenly offered physical copies, which stole my time. However, now I am taking a pilgrimage that will take me to the heart of Angry Robot Books and I shall do so by filling my TBR with all the books I should have read. Although I will be adding other books I have made commitments for, from this month onward I am announcing an Angry Robot Reading Marathon.

It is unofficial, unlike my Comic Book Appreciation Month, but a declaration of war against my Pile ‘o Shame, which knows no boundaries and keeps expanding. In this epic battle to devour books, as a good and well behaved addict should, I will stray away and perform blitz interviews with the AR authors and talk about the imprint, which is more or less not the topic of many interviews to be frank. I promise an interview with the man, who has been so nice with reviewers, including me, Lee A. Harris and another surprise.

Stay tuned for next week, when I will officially start my pilgrimage with reposting of old reviews and interviews with authors Kaaron Warren and Lauren Beukes, both of whom I greatly respect and adore.

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