Wednesday, March 3, 2010

[Reviewer Time] March Guests

It’s March and it’s time to announce, who the lucky bloggers in the SFF fields will pay me a special visit in this month’s Reviewer Time installment. As stated last month, I am cutting the influx of guests to half, hosting only two commentaries and interviews, but with improved quality [or so I would hope]. No longer will there be revolving and repetitive questions apart from the mandatory ones that serve as introduction and the typical topics that might concern us, book addicts. I am trying to establish a conversation and that takes time.

My guests are two extraordinary ladies, who have hit the scene not a great while ago, but have earned a place among the old dogs with relative ease.

March 14th: Book Chick City. Yes, I have the infamous and zealous Pink Overlord to explain the main principles how an evil book reviewing empire can be raised, managed and maintained in ten easy steps.

March 28th: Floor to Ceiling Books. Fledgling and charmer supreme Amanda will be my delightful guest for tea and cookies, while we discuss everything from how it feels to be a rookie, be beloved by publishing houses and how giving her books to me will help the economy.

Stay tuned.

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