Saturday, December 12, 2009

Time Under the Radar is Over

Ignore the ghetto setting and focus on the start whiteness that has occupied the street behind my house. Yes, it’s December and it’s snowing and it’s doing so before Christmas. An event that hasn’t happen in a few years and a good omen for me and the following 2010, which is almost here.

But snow or no snow I went quite absent this week and here is what happened. I was on a trip outside the city, where we partied with fellow university students and celebrate December 8th, which is the national University Student Day. Naturally we had to get wasted, but then again almost all of our national holidays include binge drinking, which I think we stole from the Russians. Anyway back on getting wasted. We did it on the famed three day trip, I might’ve been bragging about on Twitter out in the mountains. The lodge we were at was positioned next to a famous landmark cave we visited and above a monastery, which sold the most delicious sweets I have eaten in a long time. So there was good food, cheap alcohol, nature trips and sweets.

Back on Wednesday we returned at night and the story jumps to an all-nighter, when everybody tried to finish their Accounting paper and give it in on Thursday. Mind you such a task is not easy, when the paper is almost 20 pages long, you have traveled around six hours on a train and you are under-slept from partying. I call this one a nightmare. Ironically our assistant was on sick-leave, the deadline was on the 10th and the main professor wouldn’t collect the papers, because he is an asshole. What makes this even more infuriating is that the professor won’t give credit for the papers, but will be taking for not giving in papers and having mistakes. I am in a lynching mood.

Consequences from this week include:

1) insufficient amount of sleep [though the first two nights it was voluntary and the latter ones painfully obligatory]

2) high amount of stress, an even heightened animalistic hatred for bureaucracy [which has to do with the whole Accounting fiasco thing]

3) a phobia for traveling in trains, after we had to make a half an hour trek through the overcrowded train from the last wagon to the very first [mind you I was the gentleman and carried two suitcases as well],

4) 500 pages of reading behind schedule [which are manageable, now that academically my program is lighter]

5) God knows how many words behind on writing [also manageable, because of the same reason above. I plan on finishing that novel by the end of the year and it shall happen]

But I had a blast during the three days outside the city with no Internet, no books and no battle scenes with younger sibling from hell. I was goofy, yet quiet me along with friends in the great outdoors.


Hagelrat said...

gorgeous setting love.

Harry Markov said...

I adored that setting. Everything was so green and beautiful. Melted my heart completely.

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