Saturday, December 12, 2009

Promotion Post: "Seduction On the Prowl" by Marcia Colette

After reading and enjoying “Unstable Environment” by Marcia Colette [Review Here], I was on the lookout for the next in the series, curious to see where she was going to take her idea and how she would improve. That second installment is a fact:

Something is sucking the life from the habitants of Seclusion, Tennessee—one citizen at a time.

After ten years of hiding from a stalker in her magically protected woods, root woman Donna Tucker needs to find her uncle who has gone missing in Seclusion. Her legendary healing herbs are making her clients deathly ill. She traces the problem back to her uncle—after his tainted root puts the younger brother of an enraged werecheetah into a coma. Making an enemy of the one man who captured her eye could be deadlier than what awaits her in Seclusion.

Werecheetah Kyle Innes' life is dedicated to holding together the broken family that his abusive father had torn apart. Feeling responsible for his brother's brain damage, Kyle has become his guardian for life. But thanks to the bewitching root woman's screwup, Kyle’s brother is in a coma. He's looking for retribution and will travel to Seclusion to get it...and more than what he bargained for.

One thing is certain. Donna and Kyle need to trust each other long enough to fight the evil that hangs over the town. Otherwise, they'll die before giving their embattled hearts have a chance.

Right now the release is in PDF format, but 2010 will see a trade paperback on the market as well.

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