Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Feeding the Addiction

I am known to be irresponsible with the money I receive and I am staying true to the rule, even when my spending opportunities are thinned out to virtually none. But now heaven has decided to send in some scholarship money [a modest sum] and the first ten minutes I got it I found myself in a book store and went book hunting. At first I wanted the first Dark Tower novel, but then went on to see whether I could find Murakami's "After the Quake", but then found this:

I have been told a few times that I resemble Poe in expression in both poetry and short fiction [I kid you not. I count three such occurrences. I disagree, but the fact is a fact] and apart from "The Raven" I haven't read absolutely anything from the guy, despite that I love him and the ideas he has incorporated in his work. But then again I idolize many authors without dipping into their work.

I decided to remedy that and here is the result, this wonderful 700 page giant with the best of his short fiction at the mind boggling price of 21 BGN or 16 US Dollars. I am not at all sure how anyone could put such a low value on such a big and wonderfully crafted book with illustrations by John Ridgway and a beautiful red bookmark.

I am grateful.

PS: Excuse the awful quality of the photos. I absolutely suck at taking photos...


James said...

I would love to have such a book, but I do have a giant tome that includes all of his work, both prose and poem, so all is good still. Alas, I have only had one reader tell me that my fiction was reminiscent of Poe' and, same as you, I don't believe the reader for an instant.

Oddly enough, I have had a fascination with Poe for the majority of my life, but I had read so very little of his work before last year that it really can be called a shame. I went into it on the blog in a more detailed fashion.

Good choice, Harry, can't go wrong with Poe. :)

Carl V. said...

Harry, that is fantastic! You got a real treasure there, I'm so happy for you. I can see why you couldn't resist it. Poe is definitely one of my very favorites and I am sorry I didn't read more of his work this past October. Ah well, there is always next year, or when the mood strikes. I have read several of his stories, but there are still many that I have yet to read, or have read so long ago that reading them again would be like reading them for the first time.

Harry Markov said...

@ James: Weird, huh? I hope someday I can say that such comparisons are valid, but it will be a long time before that happens. :)

@ Carl: It is indeed a treasure and I hope to sit down and read it quite soon, but first I need to clear out my review list. It's just some 30-40 titles. :)

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