Tuesday, December 1, 2009

November Reading


Total Works Read: 6
Book Breakdown: Four Novels, one anthology and one magazine
Format Breakown: One hardcover, 2 e-books, 2 MMP, 1 Tradeback

Total Pages Read: 2,057
Pages by Format Breakdown: Hardcover – 384, Tradeback – 500, MMP – 784, e-books – 356
Average Pages by Day: 68-69


"Bitter Night" by Diana Pharaoh Francis

"Flesh and Fire" by Laura Anne Gilman

"Dark Stranger" by Susan Sizemore

"Survival by Storytelling" Issue 1, edited by Shaun Duke

"Wilde Stories 2009", Best Spec Fic Gay Stories [to appear in Icarus Magazine's next issue]

"Born of the Night" by Sherrilyn Kenyon [to appear as guest review over at the Book Smugglers]


For December I am hoping to scratch off the my TBR list around seven to eight books, which I think is doable since most titles are small in size and thin in pages. As side reading material to the novel I have planned on covering around 300 comic book issues, which have handed to me as e-issues, if such a term exists, in order to prepare accordingly for my upcoming event month that will honor comic books.


Mark David said...

Wow, 300 comic books in one month? That already sounds like quite a skill.

Harry Markov said...

Well I will attempt getting to around 200. I can't imagine being at it the whole December.

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