Monday, October 26, 2009

Werewolf in Art

I have been trying to garner up the most interesting representations, high quality as well, of the most iconic Halloween monster of all times and on a coincidence I started with the werewolf, who has been fighting with the vampire for top position on the literary scene as well as the movie one for quite some time. Now here are my top picks for this monster:

"Werewolf" by Paul Mudie

This is the classic werewolf as I have imagined and seen for quite some time. It's the most popular image we have seen so far and is I have already said classic.

"Werewolf" by Jesse Cutler

Let's get dark and sinister in the spirit of Halloween and cower before this grizzly representation, which I expect to be featured on a metal band

"Werewolf" by JL Flores

What I love about this piece is the super hero comic book feel like you expect this to pop up in a Marvel crossover or better yet in a Zenescope title.

"Werewolf Glance" by Erica Panell

What I love about this one is the benevolent essence I get from this one. It is more human and seems to be intelligent, peaceful and in tune with nature rather than being completely feral.

''Now a Werewolf" by Adam Hebert

I am fascinated by the process of the transformation and this is a snap shot, when the human and the beast is balanced in this shape. The lines and the general feel here are truly captivating as it comes near to my obsession with comic books.

Werewolf Woman [artist unknown, but if anybody does know, please give me the info to credit his/hers talent]

I never knew that finding a female rendition of the werewolf would be so hard to find. Try googling for images and behold the horror. deviant Art is not that much safer in this regard. This is the very best female werewolf I found without having to cross over to the furry/anime side.

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Simcha said...

Great post! While I have been reading a lot of werewolf literature lately I haven't really paid too much attention to the graphic images of werewolves. It's really interesting the ways that different artists view them.

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