Sunday, September 27, 2009

Reviewer Time: October Line-Up

When did a month go? Being here and writing another “Reviewer Time” Line-Up post, the second to be exact, frightens me to see how fast time goes and how many books I am on behind schedule. If only I read as fast as Larry. If only…

Self-pity aside here are the nominees for best… Okay, not entirely right, but I always wanted to say that line. I’ll stop being silly now. Here are your bloggers, who will sit on my virtual chair and discuss what makes them tick.

October 4th: Adele and Chris from “Un:Bound”
October 11th: Nerissa from “Confessions of a Book Whore”
October 18th: Liz and Mark from “My Favorite Books”
October 25th: James from “Speculative Horizons”

It’s going to be a fun October.


Larry said...

Well, you have the built-in excuse of having to read in your second alphabetic script. While I know my (modified) Cyrillic letters, what little I've tried when reading a parallel text in Serbian slows me down a lot more than reading in a Romance or even Germanic language would.

By the way, am I still in the queue or was my response from the spring lost? :P

Harry Markov said...

@Larry: That's true, but that excuse only lasts for so long and I like to strive towards improvement. I can imagine how the transition to Cyrillic might be. I have a hard time hand writing though rather than reading, because I tend to be extremely fast and swirl everything into a spiral.

Yes, you are still in line. I pegged you down for November 1st. I will be more structured by then to think harder than ever what questions to ask you, because I really want to get inside your head as an interviewer.

Hagelrat said...

Extremely happy to be lined up. :)

Chris Voss said...

same here!

Larry said...

Cool! How appropriate, on All Saints Day, no less! :D

My handwriting tends to be a mixture of cursive script and print, but the few times I've written in Cyrillic, it's always been print (I learned the print letters in about 10 minutes, but the cursive ones took much longer).

As for the questions, well...I did one interview a year ago on Bibliophile Stalker, if that'll help you any.

Harry Markov said...

@Adele & Chris: Great to have you both on board.

@Larry: I prefer print as well when I am not rushed into writing fast, but with college lectures speeding so fast I have to keep up with cursive ones and shorten words.

Thanks for the link and I am going to have an interesting time adding more diversity, since I am curious about the same things, but I will manage.

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