Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekly Scedule: Brought to you by "Improbable Forces"

In the spirit of being organized, which overcomes me ever so rarely, I felt inspired to reinvent my blogging style for the month of July featuring a regular weekly schedule with what is to be featured during the week, much like the lovely Book Smugglers have been doing for quite a while. Their amazingly timed reading and reviewing signatures acted as a catalyst for this small scale experiment.

So here without further ado, let’s proceed with the program for week one:

Monday: I am starting with long overdue reviews of novels I should have finished ages ago, this January to be precise, like “Evil Ways” by Justin Gustainis.

Tuesday: June 30th marks my participation on Gena Showalter’s virtual book tour on promotion for her newest release “Seduce the Darkness”, novel 6 in her Alien Huntress series. Since I personally haven’t finished the novel yet, because the post delivered it at the last possible moment, I will present you with a very quick interview.

Wednesday: July 1st is dedicated to presenting my own version of the monthly releases listing, which I always wanted to copy off Robert. As tedious as it sounds I think that making up lists will provide with some new thrill, even if I try it once.

Thursday: If my calculations are correct, I would be on my way penning down my opinion of “Seduce the Darkness” and post the review.

Friday: Due to lack in organization I don’t have an artist ready to take this spotlight, so I will indulge myself in a semi-review/semi-rant on X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which came to as a massive disappointment.
Saturday: I am dedicating this day to presenting my opinion on the comic book series dedicated to Wolverine’s origins and draw a parallel, because I like to see one idea get interpreted into various mediums.

Sunday: Here my organizational skills will provide you with the insightful interview of the people behind the legendary blog ~ “Fantasy Book Critic”. If you are interested to read about what it takes to keep one of the signature and most iconic representatives in a whole trend of blogging, what’s it like to further someone else’s idea and just varied opinions on literature and pop culture, this interview will provide much.


Hagelrat said...

awesome, I liked Black Magic Woman and have been considering Evil Waya, \i shall enjoy your views. good luck with your planned week.

Harry Markov: daydream said...

Oh well I am not on the very loving side on Evil Ways, but I did find Black Magic Woman interesting. Anyways thanks for stopping by. :)

ediFanoB said...

Sounds good. But don't overwork.
I really look forward to your first montly release list. And I'm really happy that you continue your series about people behind the blog which I appreciate a lot.

Harry Markov: daydream said...

Michael, I am overworking myself. During the month I have been off, I have been reviewing behind the scenes so to say and right now I am just editing what I have as material and post it.

As far as the monthly list goes, I am nervous to even start, since I have no idea how to search that, but I love a challenge with something I like.

Thea said...

Loving the organization, Harry! And Eagerly am awaiting your Wolvie reviews. I can understand disappointment with the movie, but...there's just something about seeing Hughverine onscreen. And I loved Liev Shrieber (sp?) as Sabretooth. Can't wait to read your thoughts!!

Harry Markov: daydream said...

The Wolvie reviews are up for some time. Please, I am waiting for your opinion. The movie one is more like pout-writing than taking it seriously, but the movie did bug me. Oh yeah Liev was an awesome Sabertooth. I almost regret not mentioning him in the review.

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