Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hawthorn Moon Event 2009: Gail Z. Martin Goody Bag

My time in hiatus has almost come to pass and I am more or less able to return to posting relatively on a regular basis. And what a better return post it would be than to do some promotion. I have been asked by Gail Z. Martin to help spread the word about her Hawthorn Moon 2009 event, which is to promote her upcoming December release “The Dark Lady’s Chosen”. The event sadly occurred on the 21st of June, but I haven’t been a fan of punctuality for quite awhile, so here is my late input.

First and foremost here is the official link towards the Hawthorn Moon Event over at Gail’s website. As an additional links you get a sneak peak Chapter from the book and if you are not into reading then the Audio Version stands as a free download. By the way just do you don’t wonder what all the vagueness is about and keep asking: “Well what is the fourth book about anyways, Harry? Cut with the crap.” Here is the official book blurb:

In Dark Lady’s Chosen, Jonmarc Vahanian battles a vayash moru uprising that threatens to topple the balance of power between mortals and the undead. Martris Drayke, Margolan’s Summoner-king, must find a way to win the siege of Lochlanimar and crush the traitors who threaten his crown. But the price to save his kingdom may be the lives of those he loves most—and his soul.

Artwork is still in the works with a brand new artist: Marek Okon. I have an additional treat, copy pasted from Gail’s website, but as I say it’s the sentiment that matters. This is an interview with Jonmarc Vahanian:

Now that the Truce has been broken in Dark Haven, can mortals and vayash moru coexist peacefully?

Most mortals and vayash moru want peace. There are just a handful of rogues on both sides stirring up trouble. That’s why we have to end this nonsense. Now.

You’re mobilizing an army against Malesh. Are you out for justice—or revenge?

Malesh slaughtered an entire village of mortals. He’s threatened to kill more. I took an oath to King Staden to protect all of Dark Haven’s residents—living and undead. If we can’t contain this, it’s the king’s right to bring in an army to stop Malesh. It will get really ugly if that happens. Best to put an end to this while it’s still a “family” matter.

Justice or revenge? I don’t know and I don’t care. I just want to bring that bastard down and make him pay.

What will happen in Dark Haven if the Truce is set aside?

If the Truce ends, the king’s army will occupy Dark Haven until peace is restored. And if they can’t bring peace, it’ll be like it was before the Truce, when mortals and vayash moru and vyrkin lived in fear and killed for reprisal. Gabriel’s told me about those times. I have no desire to see them return.

You’re having a rough first year as Lord of Dark Haven. Any regrets about taking the title?

None. I was probably fated to have some bloody bastard trying to kill me, no matter where I was. Just my luck, I guess. Before Malesh started playing games, we were making progress restoring Dark Haven and its lands. I’m proud of what we accomplished. There just wasn’t enough time….for any of us.

There’s a rumor that King Donelan threatened to place a huge bounty on your head if anything happened to Carina while she was under your protection. In light of recent events, does that worry you?

Only if I live through the battle.


ediFanoB said...

welcome back Harry. I sent a pre-order for Dark Lady’s Chosen. So far I read The Summoner and liked it. The Blood King is part of my summer 2009 reading list.

Harry Markov: daydream said...

Thanks, Michael. I'm glad to finally be back and all. I am preparing some major activity for July. Hope the trend sticks. :)

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