Monday, February 21, 2011

The Zombie Feed, vol. 1 on Pre-Order

I'm posting this [while I am still preparing the final reviews that I will supply the review site, hopefully before the end of the month, but not like likely] straight from the workplace, so feel free to judge me [actually no, don't judge me; instead pay attention as Paul Jessup is a writer to talk about even if I'm indulging in an incestuous relationship between my positions].


Former Stoker Award-nominated editor Jason Sizemore compiles seventeen tasty, brainy morsels of zombie short fiction in The Zombie Feed: Volume 1.

Zombie fiction from many sub-genres are represented here: zombie apocalypse, zombie survival, zombies in human society, zombie hunters, and more. And the one thread interlocking these disparate groups–ZOMBIE MAYHEM! This action packed anthology takes a syringe full of contaminated adrenaline-laced undead and slams 1000 CCs directly into your chest cavity.

Fast paced, yet thoughtful, The Zombie Feed: Volume I will sate your appetite… at least temporarily.

* Table of Contents Undead Introduction by Jason Sizemore
* Cold Comfort by Nathaniel Tapley
* This Final December Day by Lee Thompson
* What’s Next? by Elaine Blose
* Rabid Raccoons by Kristin Dearborn
* The Twenty-Three Second Anomaly by Ray Wallace
* Not Dead by BJ Burrow
* Tomorrow’s Precious Lambs by Monica Valentinelli
* The Fare by Lucien Soulban
* A Shepherd of the Valley by Maggie Jamison
* Broken Bough by Daniel I. Russell
* The Last Generation by Joe Nazare
* Goddamn Electric by K. Allen Wood
* Hipsters in Love by Danger Slater
* The Sickness unto Death by Brandon Alspaugh
* Lifeboat by Simon McCaffrey
* Zombies on the Moon by Andrew C. Porter
* Biten by Eugene Johnson

About the Editor:

Jason Sizemore is the owner and operator of Apex Publications. He also writes and edits, earning a Bram Stoker Award nomination for his first book, Aegri Somnia. He’s seen over thirty short stories published and four anthologies. He maintains a website at
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