Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's Quiet Because I'm preparing to close down

It's been pretty official on Twitter, but I wanted to finalize things on the blog. I've decided to shut down Temple Library Reviews, but leave it open as an archive. I've had fun running this blog in the first two years to be honest, but with the start of the third year the strain to maintain my blog regular and interesting took its toll on me. Reviewing remains one of my passions, but as I become more involved with other projects, the more I am aware that I'm much more suited to contribute rather than organize or run.

So I've compelled a list of the books I will review before shutting down. After that I will throw my weight around and post reviews elsewhere.

The List:

1) "Death's Disciples" by J. Robert King
2) "The Emerald Storm" by Michael J. Sullivan
3) "Wintertide" by Michael J. Sullivan
4) "Glass Coffin Girls" by Paul Jessup
5) "Metrophilias" by Brendan Connell

Not sure on the exact order yet, but this is the Doomsday Clock ticking.


Todd Newton said...

Hey, I didn't know you were reading Sullivan. Please don't spoil Emerald Storm or Wintertide for me--I've only read the first three so far!!

SQT said...

We'll still see you around though? Right? I hope so.

Harry Markov said...

Todd: Most awesome series ever!

SQT: Oh yeah, contributing left and right.

The Evil Hat said...

This is sad news. I just started reading recently, so I'm certainly not ready for closing. Well, I wish you luck in whatever else you attempt/contribute to and in the remaining reviews for here.

Nathaniel Katz

Harry Markov said...

@Nathaniel: I will be around, haunting the online world with fervor and enthusiasm. But I think it's healthier to focus my energy on the work that I do [seriously, I keep thinking about stats all the time].

Thank you though, much appreciated.

Ria said...

It's a shame to see you go. I know I haven't exactly been a huge vocal follower of your blog, but it was cool to occasionally exchange a few words with you.
But when hobbies cease to be much fun, then yeah, sometimes it's best to throw in the towel before the bitterness sets in.
Hopefully I'll still see you around!

Harry Markov said...

@ Ria: Thanks for the back-up. I'm more than going to be around the Internet. I contribute a lot of reviews to a lot of places, so I'm not at all done with reviewing. I'm just not going to be bound a blog. :)

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