Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolutions for 2011 [Ahem, read, read, read and be neat]

[I hope 2010 stays dead... DIE, DIE, DIE]

Happy New Year, beloved you guys!

I plan not to do a flashback post. Let's face it, 2010 sucked on a personal level and this reflected on what I did on this blog. Sure, I read some amazing books, but the same time I suffered through a severe burnout. Here I'd like to thank Cara Murphy and Ove Jansson for keeping the blog from completely dying and supplying stellar reviews. Temple Library Reviews would have crashed and burned otherwise.

Okay, no more reflection. Let's skip to the goals.

The goal is to read more mediums, more genres, more publishing houses and imprints. It's time to enter more diversity in what I handle. I do hope I can fit some non-fiction that is far from the speculative genre. I'm not saying that I want to read more as that's a given. I'll be reviewing for a lot of places.

Maintaining a relaxed and regular posting. Not pushing myself more than I can handle. It's a very hilarious goal since I think I've taken more than I can carry. I do hope that after my exam session I can sit down and do some much needed maintenance on the blog and add some blogs to the roll, links and banners.

Maintain a journal about what I read. I want to be organized. I managed this last year, but only until May, when I started my job and then all went to hell. Oh, yeah, and I so hope that I do not miss deadlines. Bah, that would be hell.

So these are my goals. What are yours?


Mieneke said...

Happy New Year Harry! I posted my bookolutions on my blog yesterday, so I won't repeat them here. But I love your resolutions. Good luck on the exam session and hopefully after that you'll have some time to breathe!!

Harry Markov said...

Happy New year [again]. February is my month to be lazing around with the exams over, but I'll definitely be involved in some serious projects in the meanwhile, so I will have a lot of free time.

Carl V. said...

Those are all great goals and I sincerely hope you are successful at all of them. You definitely don't want reading, blogging, writing...things that should be be pressure-filled. That takes all the fun out of it.

Harry Markov said...

They kinda are, but because I allowed them to cluster a bit. The important thing is that I'm not pushing myself too hard in terms of perfect performance here. Which I did and then suffered burn outs.

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