Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Thor" Official Trailer

The Internet [the comic geek section of it] has been buzzing about the newly released official trailer of the upcoming Thor movie. I'm skeptical about superhero movies nowadays. Hollywood seems to be mass-producing them and after that Wolverine movie I'm really cringing when I hear a new one is in the works. I'm also dispassionate about the Thor project, because the only dealing I've had with the character is through the Ultimate Avengers volumes.

Thor here doesn't seem to be able to fly and he has full recollection of his past, which is not really how the story goes. It's obvious that this won't be a faithful to the comic book origin [I'm getting some serious Wolverine vibe], but then again Chris Hemsworth seems a good fit [physically] and Natalie Portman's involvement might be seen as a sign the movie won't heavily suck.

So far, I dare not be excited about this.

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