Sunday, December 5, 2010

[Cover Delight] The Color of Magic, French Edition

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Again I bring you the art of Marc Simonetti. This is the cover for the French edition of "The Colour of Magic" by Sir Terry Pratchett. As with the cover of Lords and Ladies, I love this cover way better than the original. It's mainly because of the colors. The red of the dragon contrasts very well with the greens and the blues in the background and makes the whole cover pop for the readers. Then the hues used are vibrant and bright, making the book seem energetic.

People say to never judge a book by its cover, but then again covers are a factor when buying books and new generations might find this a lot better. Fresh and updated. The composition is very dynamic and the small things such as the uber-muscle warrior and the chest biting the dragon's tail convey the spirit of the novel the same way the original cover did. Well, not exactly the same. No cover can beat the original, the iconic:


Kristopher said...

My copy has the original cover. The problem is that the colors are all so similar, everything blurs together into an orange-y brown mush. I remember not even noticing the trunk had dozens of little legs underneath until I read about The Luggage.

Harry Markov said...

Yes, it's very monochromatic. Most of the original covers suffer from this and the fact that they are very cluttered as well, which make it hard for me to figure out what the idea is.

Carl V. said...

That newer cover is GREAT. So much better than the original.

Harry Markov said...

My sentiment exactly. If you go into a store, you will notice the new one better than the second.

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