Saturday, October 9, 2010

[Video] THE WALKING DEAD Fan-Made Opening Titles

The Walking Dead is the ultimate zombie-survival comic book series [according to me]. Black and white ghastly art that is welcoming, gruesome zombies and survivors, who dance the line between sanity and madness as they avoid getting eaten. It's tense, dramatic and way above average storytelling. I am quite behind on it, but my love knows no boundaries as my fanboy gush fest of a review testifies [REVIEW].

It is no wonder that I am excited about the upcoming TV series, whose pilot episode will air on the one and only special day in my heart, Halloween [although it's not celebrated in my country as an official holiday]. Random promos, posters and snippets from the series have leaked on the web, which I have enjoyed in private, BUT this fan-made 'opening titles' sequence created by award winning director Daniel Kanemoto is too good to keep to myself. Enjoy:

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