Sunday, October 31, 2010

[Side Note] Halloween Night, People

It's Halloween night. Supposedly, the dead should walk again [one way or another], so I suggest you prepare a boombox with Thriller on it [just in case] before you decide to venture out. Maybe what will haunt you are the skeletons in your closet... I'm personally haunted by the fact that we don't celebrate this in my country. It's a harrowing horror, trust me.

ANYWAY, have fun and don't get eaten. I'm personally awaiting the pilot of THE WALKING DEAD, which should be hours away in the [past] USA. Here is a video to salivate over:

If interested you can check out my Halloween Art Post over at the Book Smugglers. I showcase human-bunny hybrids, smurfs eating people and a Lady Gaga Jr. talking on the phone [which is nestled in the abdomen of a huge, animated teddy bear with guts and stuff].

You thought I was hoking?

I also review the Spanish ghost movie The Orphanage over at Beyond Fiction. I can't exactly call it horror, because I didn't feel all that scared, but atmospheric and intelligent.

So this is my somewhat celebration. Not even a lantern. How will YOU mark the occasion?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Looking forward to The Walking Dead as well. Otherwise, a quiet evening here in the Southern portion of the USA, as trick-or-treating occurs the night before when Halloween falls on a Sunday.

Harry Markov said...

Really? I thought that you did it on the Halloween night. Interesting!

keziah said...

Orphanage look like an interesting book to read.


Harry Markov said...

It's actually a movie, that one. :)

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