Wednesday, October 13, 2010

[Halloween Monster] The Vampire in Art and Pop Culture

Last Halloween, I posted about Werewolves in Art, which I think remains as one of my top visited blog posts, even though it's, honestly, three pictures that I grouped together. It was Halloween and werewolves are the bomb. I had plans on that being the first in a series of four Halloween monster art posts, but never got around to doing the other three. Now, I'm thinking why not continue where I've left of, since it's Halloween and monsters are mucho fun. Imagine my surprise, when I found a wide variety of art, which I found aesthetically displeasing [crap]. Vampires are pop culture's currency at the moment, how is it possible to have so many doodles in manga tyle of this pop icon. It's beyond me.

The majority of pictures that I think are good are depictions of characters from famous shows and books and movies and comic books. So instead of random awesome art, I give you the pop culture evolution of the vampire.

The Count

The Monster

The Vixen

The Innocent Predator

It's interesting to note the transition from a monstrous visage to sexualized ideal. I purposefully did not involve Anne Rice here, because it's only Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise pictures out there and I don't deal with those very well. Conclusion: You people are sluts. Just saying...

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