Sunday, October 17, 2010

[Halloween Monster] Bride of Frankenstein

With Halloween approaching and weeks ticking past, it's time for another Halloween monster on my blog. I thought long and hard what kind of monster I should showcase with images. I came up with Frankenstein, since he is the classic monster and a regular choice as a Halloween costume, but at the last second I stopped to think about shaking things up, so here is the Bride of Frankenstein. She's another regular as far as costumes go, but I thought that people would like to see more of her.

This is the classic Bride, rendered by Simon Hayag. If I am to keep thing traditional, this is what I will go with. The Bride [which I so lovingly will call Helga] is true to the character in the movie. I'm not sure whether this is a movie still turned into a mixed-media image or not, but it's certainly atmospheric.

Now, I think that what Dan Vykes is doing here is actually using the original movie poster [Elsa Lanchester never looked more beautiful] and then layers it over for effect. The result is a natural vintage vibe along with the stunning visuals provided by modern software. I especially like the transparency of the chest. Seeing the ribs makes it so much ghastlier.

Third place is for Alice, who delivers an astounding beauty shot of the Bride. She's not much of a monster in this rendition [not that she was in the others], but here she seems most human and most vulnerable, realizing what she has become. Needless to say I love the color blend and the fine lines. It's endearing eye candy.

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