Saturday, September 25, 2010

[Anthology] 'When the World does not want me to Schedule and Other Stories' edited by Harry Markov

Covert Art by A.M. Slater 

This is the bran new anthology that will hit the shelves... well, someday. My publisher is So-Not-Existing Press, who has been ecstatic to get my short stories assembled and illustrated. Here is the official blurb:  

"When things do not go the way I want I usually blame the World, because cursing myself in the mirror is not exactly comfortable [as I strive to comb my hair rather than cursing]. Most of the time I have to blame myself and this time it's semi-the-same, but to be honest there is a grand conspiracy against. I swear in my tin-foil hat."

Here is the line-up: 

"When the World does not want me Schedule"
"I'm so slow, because I am learning to type with Ten Fingers"
"Changing People for Features"
"Overcommitment Issues [Tis that Simple]"
"TV has me Distracted"
"Is that Alcohol?"
"Is that Free Buffet?"
"Why is my Family like that?"
"Icecream Blues"
"Procrastinatio... *snore*"

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