Saturday, July 10, 2010

[Introduction Post] SFF Masterworks

Is anyone surprised that I have taken on yet another project? I am writing to you from the edges of the Internet, where I'm residing at the time being. You can easily find me on Twitter, where I am most active, but on certain days at best. However, I have come to the decision to crawl back from the unknown and help publicize a few projects I have committed myself to.

First stop is the SFF Masterworks reading project. I am as usual late to the party. The site has gone live ages ago with ten posts already live and multiple introductory posts done by prominent bloggers such as Patrick [Stomping on Yeti], Michael [The Mad Hatter], Amanda [Floor to Ceiling Books], Adelle [Un:Bound]. And if that has not convinced you we mean business, we have the infamous squirrel talker Larry on our side.

Now that I have your attention, let's answer the most logical question: What is our mission statement? Well, for one, it's good to know the foundations of your favorite genre and you do so with the novels that defined or redefined that genre. However, we would also like to evaluate each entry and establish whether these novels can still be considered Masterworks even after the decade that has passed after the compilation of these lists. It is all subjective of course, but I consider it an interesting idea, seeing how publishing has swelled in these recent years.

So yeah, stick around.

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