Thursday, April 1, 2010

Scrying the Fantastic

You might think I am talking about Seers, about Prophecies, about Any Other Mystic-Sounding Noun with a Capital Letter just to spite you. The reality is way simpler, but hopefully much more awesome. I have gained superpowers. The current list boils down to controlling modern economy and bake sentient time warping cookies. I call that a mean combination. I will call myself The Gingerbread Economist.

This as lame as it is was my April Fool's Joke. Not fun. Not startling, but having a horrific baking accident that involves the Wall Street software as a back story would be kick-ass. As a punch line I would use 'In Corporate America Cookies Munch on You!' and then toss the sentient man-eating cookies.

Yup, so now on the more serious side. I am a co-founder [man, that sounds sweet] of Scrying the Fantastic, the data base for brand new releases. The concept is simple. The Justice League of Blogging [as Niall named us, though Jon Weir from Gollancz supposedly gave the idea] have sworn to bring you news of the hottest releases, days before they hit stages. Because every good addict must have his crack sorted, organized and close at hand. This is what we do. We bring you the dates of the newest releases in one place, so that you don't need to go all clickity-click around the web.

Right now, we have started with UK based publishers like Orbit, Gollancz, Solaris, Abaddon and Angry Robot Books [with the occasional US entry like Pocket Books]. Lovely right? You have a master list with all 2010 releases segregated in months, then 2010 publisher specific lists and month by month publisher specific posts, where the reader is treated to cover art, synopses and special details.

BUT, who are we? Call in the Superheroes?

1) Amanda Rutter from Floor to Ceiling Books [who is the Black Canary, which makes her my wife, since I am the Green Arrow, but definitely do not draw conclusions]
2) Niall Alexander from The Speculative Scotsman [who is Batman]
3) Adelle from Un:Bound [who has yet to pick her super alterego]
4) Jason Baki from Kamvision [who is the Martian Manhunter]
5) Mark Chitty from Walker of Worlds [who we have yet to pressure for a super identity]
6) Bryce Lee from Seak's Stamp of Approval [who does not deserve a superhero identity, cause he is my nemesis and all]

Yeah, so this is it. Follow the blog. Get informed. Help us grow by demanding more.


Seak (Bryce L.) said...

Yes, I'm Onomatopoeia! Hear that dripping, it's not your faucet. :)

Harry Markov said...

I don't want to know what it is. *shudder*

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