Tuesday, April 27, 2010

[Promo] 'Tell-All' by Chuck Palahniuk

Before I dash into the setting sun after April 30th, I have decided to indulge myself in a week of content. I am sure you have all heard of Chuck Palahniuk [author of Fight Club]. I have yet to grab his bibliography and get acquainted with his work, but I know that he writes stuff I'd most certainly would love. Now I am going to show some promo material for his newest upcoming release "Tell-All". Enjoy.


“Palahniuk punctures our collective psyches with sharp darts of satire, subversion, and surprise. Fight Club (1996) created a mythology from the inner lives of alienated Gen X-ers, and Pygmy (2009) daringly tweaked fears of terrorism and school shootings, heedless of our jangled nerves. In an era of panic about pandemics, Rant (2007) likened celebrity to a plague. TELL-ALL retreats to the world of golden-age Hollywood, telling the tale of Katherine Kenton, aging star of stage and screen, and Hazie Coogan, Kenton’s maid, companion, confidante—and unlikely star-maker. Written … to evoke the boldface breathlessness of celebrity scandal sheets, TELL-ALL chronicles Kenton’s love affair with the inappropriately young Webster Carlton Westward III, a possible gold-digger, and Coogan’s increasingly desperate attempts to manage her mistress’ life. To be sure, Palahniuk stages some stunning scenes and pens some bawdily hilarious lines.”

“Palahniuk's sendup of name-dropping and the culture of celebrity worship revolves around the fate of Katherine Kenton, a much-married star of stage, screen, and television, living in obscurity and searching for a comeback vehicle. Throughout, Palahniuk drops names from the famous to the head-scratchingly obscure, peppers the narrative with neologisms supposedly coined by famous gossip columnists (ex-husbands are “was-bands”), and styles the text so that nearly every name, brand name, and fabulous venue appears in bold.”
--Publisher’s Weekly

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