Monday, April 5, 2010

[Movies] Some Zombies + An Apocalypse

'Dead Snow' is the Norwegian suggestion for some good old zombie horror with its gore, blood, campy atmosphere and genuinely scary scene. It all starts when a group of young med students [I honestly can't say that they are hot young med students, but at least they act], who fancy some alone time in a cabin, indulging in winter activities like playing in the snow and drinking beer by the hearth. But the carefree vacation time expires, when they find a box with jewels from World War II. Because Nazi soldiers were supposedly addicted to bling bling, frozen corpses decide to raid the small cabin and accessorize. What can I say? Fashion Victims. The whole idea is that the Nazis are bound as zombies, because of their avarice. You won't see something new, but the balance between gross out suspense moments and laugh out loud situations is highly satisfying, making this movie a must-see for all zombie addicts.

'I Sell the Dead' is perhaps the best horror comedy I have watched [after 'Shaun of the Dead'], which intentionally made me laugh. This is a delightful Irish production about grave robbers back, when this sort of business was lucrative and popular. As a period piece it follows the main hallmarks of the genre. The story begins as a conversation between Arthur [Dominic Monaghan] and Father Duffy [Ron Perlman] hours before Arthur's execution. Then the familiar story within a story model manifests and we are treated to a memoir-like re-telling of Arthur's life as a grave robber and how he started working from ordinary corpses to more animated odd-jobs. This is a comedy, which never let's you rest for a minute. If you are not laughing, you are glued to the screen, anticipating what will happen next. I enjoyed this one in particular.

'Carriers' rides on the whole flu panic. In this movie the world meets its end via a pandemic virus without cure. What I liked about this movie is how it started. It the first few moments, there is no horror, no death. However, this changes once the traveling party of four [Chris Pine, Piper Perabo, Emily VanCamp, Lou Taylor Pucci] meets with up a father and his dying daughter. This apocalypse is a lot less action packed. The dead do not come back. The regular humans are not a Happy Meal special, but there is a certain weight, while watching. Human empathy, solidarity and relationships are opposed to survival instincts. It's in this context that 'Carriers' whisked me away and came through as enjoyable. Yes, there is almost nothing new added to the genre. The characters behave in a manner you would expect to in this sort of movie. There is a certain deja vu moment, but in total a good movie choice.

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