Thursday, March 25, 2010

[HIATUS] A wee bit of a headache

It can be argued whether a 10 day long persistent headache can be called normal with my schedule and the likes, because I have made my hobbies a second job. That is the level of my dedication. I'm quite happy with being busy, but my body does not share the same sentiment.

SO I am taking an extensive Offline Vacation. 5-6 days offline should do it. No Twitter. No fetish with mail-checking. And apart from the Sunday obligatory 'Reviewer Time' I will be mostly under the radar. I will make my glorious return [much like Cher's comeback tours] and hopefully have a diagnosis behind the mysterious headaches that plague me.

Well wishes are welcome [ever the Attention Whore that I am].

See you all later.


drey said...

feel better, harry! see you in a week or so.

Harry Markov said...


Harry Markov said...

Also thank you for the well wishes.

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