Friday, March 19, 2010

Harry Markov vs. Steven Erikson [FIGHT!]

Despite the Mortal Combat vibe going on, I am not entering my fighting stance and my twin katana swords are not incising the air in front of me. This is a more metaphysical battle to the death. Me as a reader versus Stephen Erikson as the name attached to a humongous near-infinite and still ongoing series. Fantasy is more often than not associated with mentioned series. In my deluded head I firmly believe a fantasy reader has had to have read at least one series [Harry Potter does not count and I’m also excluding trilogies], but I am also chicken to start one of the more popular, critically acclaimed and mass-read ones like WoT for instance. Because I fear I may end up like the people, who invest years watching The Bold & The Beautiful and die without even the slightest chance of seeing the last episode.

However I am more annoyed by my ignorance, so I am starting one. [pause for applause] As a good sheep in a moderately large and trendy flock, I am getting down with the newest fad aka TACKLE THE MALAZAN BOOK OF THE FALLEN.

This book is so aggressive, it bent my glasses.

Yeah. We have the Magical Fairy Prince Scotsman [Is that too much this time, Neill? For the record he is really the Speculative Scotsman] to thank for starting this one and so far we are quite the small book club forming. Dark Wolf Mihai is in on the action [which may or may not lead us to a dark forest, where he may consume us all] and the British Librarian-at-heart Amanda from Floor to Ceiling Books [also a humanoid robot from the future] has batted her eyelashes and giggled into a reading frenzy [beware, when that girl starts reading].

AND this post has been brought to you by Too Much Caffeine.


Larry said...

You watch The Bold and the Beautiful there in Bulgaria? :O

Never thought of you as the soap opera type! :P

Harry Markov said...

I watched it as a child with my grandmother. :) I got bored after awhile, but I have watched my many share of soap operas. Daytime TV here is not as classy.

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