Monday, March 1, 2010

February in Reading: I am Strong, the TBR is weak

Total Works Read: 12
Work Breakdown: Novels – 7, Comics – 3, Novellas – 2
Format Breakdown: Softcover – 6, Scans – 2, PDF – 4

Total Pages Read: 3453
Pages by Format Breakdown: Softcover – 2040, Scans – 420, PDF – 993
Average Pages by Day: 123
Compared to Previous Month: - 27,96 % decrease

Grades/Rank: A – 4, B – 5, C – 3
Male/Female: M – 6, F – 4
Release Dates: 2008 – 2010
Genres: Traditional Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Bizarro, Cross-genre, Superhero


“Carnageland” by David Barbee
“Salvation of the Damned” by Theresa Meyers
“The Crown Conspiracy” by Michael J. Sullivan
“Avempartha” by Michael J. Sullivan
“Nyphron Rising” by Michael J. Sullivan
“Spellwright” by Blake Charlton
“Popgun vol.4” edited by D.J. Kirkbride, Adam P. Knave, Jonathan Wu
“Spider’s Bite” by Jennifer Estep
“The Battle Sylph” by L.J. McDonald
“Shadow Blade” by Seressia Glass [soon to be reviewed]
“Kick-Ass” by Mark Millar & John Romita Jr. [soon to be reviewed]
“Chew” by John Layman & Rob Guillory [soon to be reviewed]


I know that the stats show a decrease in my reading as far as pages go. Around 30% less is a bit of a blooper, but January is more or less an anomaly and so was February. I do not expect to have a page count above 2,000 in the months to come with the tide of responsibilities in motion and all that jazz. What I managed to do in February was to add a healthy gash in my ever growing TBR BABYLON TOWER OF READERLY DOOM and reduce the number of physical books I have to read. All promises and immediate promises have been kept and I am quite happy to nail all the deadlines I set myself. I know, obsessive much.

My physical TBR pile is still overweight. I actually plan to reduce it to a manageable degree, but there is still time for that. My ambition for March, April and May is to sit down and do what I should have done from the start, devour all Angry Robot titles in my possession. I am now doing a new immediate TBR list and so far for March alone I have seventeen novels I want to read. The bulk is mainly made of AR books, but they will be spread over the three month period or perhaps four depending on what commitments I am tempted to make over the course of the time.

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