Thursday, March 18, 2010

[Art Pick] Wheel of Time Alternative Covers

I have not The Wheel of Time. There is something about massive books that whispers murder weapons and lifelong commitment, which instantly lures my attention and makes me walk in the opposite direction. I plan to read this gigantic series, but when I know it is over, thus manageable. Otherwise, too chicken. With this being said, the images have no meaning to me. I don't recognize the characters, don't know their story and I am not sure whom to root for or not. However, what I do see is a talented rendition.

The artist is J. Seamas Gallaghar [Official Site] & [BLOG]. I discovered his work through Editorial Ass [which is a well of information about editors and writing and the publishing world] and I was quite impressed with his work and technique.

These images are Alternative Covers to some of the WoT titles, but I am quite clueless [and there was no identification] as to which books in the series the covers are for. I am leaving you guys, the loyal WoT fans, to debate on this little mystery, though I am positive that it will be an easy one.

What I can say with a non-professional art enthusiast, who speaks a lot and does not understand anything, is that his work is a magnificent. Over-generalization, I know, but look at how well he blends colors. His shadowing is superior and along with the hazy backgrounds, this creates depth and dimension to every image. His lines are sharpened to perfection and possess a clarity. At the same time, each image is highly detailed. From wind-whisked-away leaves to carvings on the carriage to the mass of crows, blurred together, but still allowing the eye to distinguish individual birds. Quite lovely.

What's your take?

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