Wednesday, March 10, 2010

[100 Pages] 'Angel of Death' by J. Robert King

I am quite tempted to start a long discussion about 'Angel of Death', but I promised myself to behave and leave material for the upcoming review. By that alone, you can sense that I am in the throws of geek love. 'Angel of Death' is delightfully grim, dark and twisted. If you ever wondered how an actual angel of death would behave, then King gives you an up close and personal, but this is not the gothic, almost Grim Reaper impression. We are talking about a being, which loves doing his job and that is making sure the people on the list die, when their time comes.

There is some beauty to death, which stems from its meaning and irony attached. Samael, the angel in question, is devoted to staging the deaths in his jurisdiction. Translated, this means that we will witness many a gruesome and highly detailed deaths transpiring. That alone is awesome, but the novel has more to often, such as an unrated account of Biblical events, which are not mentioned in the pages of the Bible, and a realistic portrayal of love between an angel and a women with all the blessings and all the consequences attached.

Definitely a keeper, this one.

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