Friday, February 12, 2010

Reviewer Time: Season Two

As promised I have returned with the semi-beloved feature that has rippled through the fragile and ever changing ecosystem that we know as the Bloggerverse [is it just me or does it sound like a Marvel project waiting to happen]. Reviewer Time has returned. A new season with a new design, marvelous cast and revisited format. Your host has not been replaced by a semi-sentient robot with world domination written on his underwear and remains Geeky-Me, one of my multiple personalities. The spirit of this feature remains: see behind the curtains of the blogs that welcome with open arms [or drag in the dirt] genre fiction titles. However, there are certain changes.

1. Guests

I don’t mind slaving to the things I love to do, but with fours guests a week, the quality I was striving towards did not reach the levels I wanted. I was rightfully accused of rotating the same questions over and over again. After awhile even I got bored of this painful pattern, so in order to lessen the burden for me, but increase the overall quality and fun I have reduced the guests I am having to two per month. Yeah, I am giving it a casual bi-weekly feel.

2. Questions

I’ll put more emphasis here. I think that each interview will be built upon follow-up sessions to create a more natural dialogue feeling. The beginning will be the Customary Three, where I ask the basic introductory questions. Then there’ll be more in-depth questions for discussion and in the end we will close with the Whacky Three, where I will ask three inconsequent and absurd questions. It is not an official structure. There won’t be markers of any sort, but this is what there will be as content. I am wishful that you will discover more blogs, discover mine through theirs and meet/understand/profile the person, whole reviews you follow.

3. Introductory

Each blog will be represented with a set of stats to give a general idea as to how long has the blogger been reviewing, how many posts per month on average he/she does, what genres are the focus, interesting highlights and such. Most naturally I will be saying how I know these people, why I bother talking to them and giving my commentary on their blogs [usually a lot of flattery, because I am too chicken to interview a reviewer, whose blog is fuggly].


First official guests are:

Gav from NextRead [February 14th]
Peter from Ubiquitous Absence [February 28th]


If you want to support this small feature, link to this post or use these images with the link to this post on your blog.


Kat @ FanLit said...

Fuggly? What is fuggly? Wait... I'll look it up.... Oh. Nevermind...

Harry Markov said...

Oh that is fucking + ugly mixed together. :)

Hagelrat said...

Can't wait. I love the new logos. :)

Harry Markov said...

Thanks, love. :)

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