Sunday, February 7, 2010

[Gathering of Links] February 7th Issue

I have decided yet again to do these weekly round-ups. Bear with me. Just in case, check the more professional constructed lists from Gav over at NextRead and Michael over at Only the Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy. In this reincarnation and yet another first struggling few steps [in this regard my round-ups are a bit slow] I will present the hottest discussions and news right now and maybe next week I will have a fuller scope really.


First, I have to make a casual stop at The Speculative Scotsman, who has finally christened his blog with his first negative review and is being contemplative about it. Being fancy pants [aka fluent in English witha poetic finish {the bastard}] he has presented us with some very good thoughts on the matter of negative reviews and their function. Sam Sykes even bothers to respond. [HERE]

Second, we move to Amanda Rutter [who I personally despise, because she received all the books I listed in my 2010 to die for book list and I am still waiting for a reply from publishers]. She poses the question: How do bloggers buy books? A silly question, if you ask me. It happens with money, Amanda dearest.

Again, we stop ourselves at Amanda's Floor to Ceiling Books as she deflowers her blog with her first author interview and she made either a brilliant move or a disastrous one in choosing none other than the angriest man alive Sam Sykes. And he rambles on and on and on and on. Check it out.

Number four is Gav from NextRead, who had to go and start a discussion that gathered so many awesome people and stole my show [I am hellbent on vengeance, but he did link to me, so I may forgive him, if he actually bother to comment]. So he asks How many is too many? A diversity of answers convey the general notion that this is a complicated question with many answers.

Mark Charan Newton returns from the awesome Weekender and relays his experience of awesomeness. I wish I was there to witness it happening and am saddened that I am not born where I am supposed to aka Great Britain.

The ever industrious Adele from Un:Bound has provided us with lots and lots of awesomeness. I am starting with the most obvious. She has a new fab feature, where she exposes the bookcases of writers and this week we have Mark Charan Newton. We have also author Mark Henry ask for your help and save our beloved zombie diva Amanda. Last but not least Un:Bound will host the blog-o-sphere's first ever Book Club. I think that we do need a bit guidance to be able to talk about more books together and book clubs are always fun, so check her out.

The Mad Hatter is an evil fedora wearer, because he found a brilliant way to be the center of attention with his post: What is the Weirdest Book You've Ever Read? He brings beloved authors to answer this question and the result is impressive.

I have finally met my arch-nemesis aka Seak [Bryce], who has sided with the vile half Frenchman Alec and his German henchman Michael over at Only the Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy. I admit I like those guys, but for the sake to be a dumb-ass I am willing to do all.

Via the Mad Hatter again we have awesome news from Angry Robot, which will have K.W. Jeter's Steampunk Classics re-issued. I am all excited and impatient for this event to come.

Finally, cover art goodness from A Dribble of Ink, where Aidan Moher gives us the breathtaking art of the Jordan 'The Fires of Heaven'.


Okay, that was it. I hope I did a formidable job this time and all included, know that you need to repay me with equal kindness. Namely, come comment and help my comment section not be a barren wasteland.


Hagelrat said...

You know I love you right? :)
I love these round ups too.

Harry Markov said...

Yes, :) Awesome. Thanks.

ediFanoB said...

Nice one Harry. Differs from my Roundup.

Three cheers for diversity!

Harry Markov said...

Indeed it is. I am a weird one and will add a new flavor to it all, but you and Gav are my influences.

Magemanda said...

Wee! I got two (TWO) links! Cheers Harry :-)

Seak (Bryce L.) said...

As your arch-nemesis, I refuse to comment.

Harry Markov said...

@ Amanda: You deserve those!

@ Bryce: Nefarious being.

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