Sunday, February 14, 2010

[Gathering of Links] February 14th Issue

I am on a last minute call before the American Time Zone ticks away and the blog officially crosses into the official day. I am slapping things randomly as usual, because I have not a single idea how to structure this post, BUT be sure to check out Only the Best Sci-Fi Fantasy and NextRead, who do a far better job than me.

Bookfool reviews Veracity by Laura Bynom.

Mihai from Dark Wolf's Fantasy Reviews reviews The City & the City by China Mieville. Again at his blog, we are treated to the return of his Fantasy Artist interviews and for this week he has given us a detailed interview with Donato Giancola.

James at Dazed Rambling has an interesting post about Unfinished Series, which is an answer to what my arch-nemesis posted not awhile ago. Curse you Seak and your interesting topic of series and whether you may finish them or not.

Over at the Dealine Dames, author Jeaniene Frost speaks about e-Piracy and no that is not a beta version of a new product or app.

From Fantasy Book Critic I have review of 'The Conqueror's Shadow' by Ari Marmell [Robert Thompson, I thought you said you were retired...] & the news that Robert Thompson became a father for the second time. Congratulations, Robert, now you have one of each. A perfect Nuclear Family.

From Fantasy Cafe come a review of 'Twilight of Avalon' by Anna Elliott. Glad to see that she is not a slave in a Care Bear mining facility.

Graeme review the 'The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms' by N.K. Jemisin. He loved it so much that he is even giving it away to a lucky winner. I hope I win.

Nethspace is getting OLD. Another year passes for that cute little green blog.

Alec from Only the Best Sci-Fi Fantasy [GOD, Alec! Why the frikkin long name?!] has a copy of The Left Hand of God to give away. Learn how you can get it yourself.

Gav at NextRead started again with his damn and insightful commentaries with the question Are you looking for book reviewers? He totally makes me guilty for getting me some. But I do like where this is going...

From the Book Smugglers I have stolen two interviews: One with Alex Bell and one with Peter Straub.

Last but not least is Sam Sykes, who has an interview with James from Speculative Horizons. I love how the roles are reversed here. Certainly refreshing.


Bookfool said...

Thanks for the link love, Harry! You're doing fine. Do you have a bit of perfectionist in your blood or are you just feeling overwhelmed?

Seak (Bryce L.) said...

You know I'm just trying to keep up with you, although I'd never admit that.

Harry Markov said...

@ Bookfool: Perfectionist... I am so pressed on getting every single tiny details ready and fixed, that I get extra jittery.

@ Seak: Thanks. It means a lot for a man show to 'not' hear those words. You never admitted anything. But as I said earlier, this is my free of responsibilities month and I get to be so productive.

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