Monday, February 8, 2010

[Competition] Angry Robot Does It Again

From Angry Robot:

Write a short story about any subject you like. The only rules are:

* 1) It has to be 13 sentences long
* 2) The first word of the first sentence must begin with T, the first word of the second sentence must begin with H, the first word of the third sentence must begin with E, and so on, so that the first letters of the sentences, printed one under the other, spell out “THE WORLD HOUSE”.

The best entries will be sent to Guy Adams for judging, and the winner gets an Angry Robot USB drive plus a choice of any book Angry Robot published in 2009. No geographical restrictions.

Send your entries (in Word or RTF format) to: theworldhouse [AT]

Competition ends Sunday 14th February.


Angry Robot does it again. I just love Lee Harris. He is just full of fun ideas to engage the readers and costumers with authors... I am so entering.


Mark David said...

Oooh wow, very interesting. I hope you're joining Harry. I really think you can pull it off :)

Harry Markov said...

Nah, there will be quite a few more skilled people attempting, so I am not in for winning as much as being a part of it.

Seak (Bryce L.) said...

Happily he rode
Along through the forest
Riding a great steed while
Riotously laughing and decided to go

Did I win?

Harry Markov said...

Nooo, sadly your attempt is at best described as FAIL, but thank you for trying.

Seak (Bryce L.) said...

Hahaha, I thought for sure I was gonna win. I used the word steed and I thought for sure that was a winning word.

Harry Markov said...

Yeah, steed is an award winner, but your rhythm sucked... What have you done to that poor misshapen sentence?

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