Thursday, February 4, 2010

Art Pick І Elizabeth Bathory

Foreword: I am extremely visual. Art along with literature and music is an intellectual drug I do not plan to leave behind soon. Not so long ago in 2009 I tried to bring to your attention the artists, which caught my eye, but I grew tired with interviews and working every week with people involved stress as there were too many variables and let’s just say that sometimes the artists are not gifted with focus on reality. However, I do wish to share my aesthetics with you glorious readers and present to you every Thursday one piece, which had gouged my interest with the hope that it will gouge yours as well.

The Piece: What we see here is the Blood Countess, Elizabeth Bathory, who is in the middle of a rather luxurious blood bath. Bathing in virgin blood is her trademark to keep her youthful appearance intact and she was convicted for the murder of 80 proven deaths, while there is a larger speculation that this Hungarian noblewoman reduced the then female population by six hundred. And all in the name of vanity. It is evident, why the artist [Gonzalo Arias] chose to portray her in a more demonic form, which reminds me a bit of Witchblade after the way the blood seems to form claws and wings. Gonzalo is an immediate favorite of mine, because even if his take on human anatomy is not the most convincing, everything else from the colors to the surrounding, font and special effects screams mad skills.


Thea said...

Harry, I love this picture - but my favorite remains this depiction of the butcheress Elizabeth Bathory by Joshua Hoffine:


Harry Markov said...

Gah, major creepy. I might feature his photos later on, perhaps when Halloween is at hand. God, those children will have some heavy scars later on in their life.

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