Wednesday, February 17, 2010

[100 Pages] 'Spider's Bite' by Jennifer Estep

I am quite happy to have an Urban Fantasy title with elementals and with a world, where magic and the paranormal has been integrated into modern society. Clandestine show games have been brought to a state of mainstream. Another positive trait here is that the Spider, meanest assassin in the South, is a woman, who solves her problems by leaving a body count for the police. Sure, I know that urban fantasy is populated by women, who know their martial arts, but for once I get to enjoy an assassin. Someone, who does not hesitate to kill and knows 999.999 recipes to inflict death. 'Spider's Bite' is a different novel in the genre.

But as always the prose is not sophisticated. Gin expresses herself in the same manner most of the women in urban fantasy have. Her background is similar to the archetypical urban fantasy tough chick. There is always someone, who had destroyed her life early on. Not that I am against, but I am against throwing it literally in the first few pages in order to make me care for the character.

Right now, I am liking what I read.

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