Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wonder Woman in Art

Wonder Woman... Where do I start with her? For starters, Wonder Woman has been as old as pop culture itself, making her first appearance in the early 1941. I think that what makes Diana durable as a character is what makes Superman so appealing: nobility. She is an outsider to the modern world, but uses her powers and abilities to save people, she is not obliged to in the first place. It's the same thing with Superman. He's an alien, who doesn't belong to this planet, but does he go on to abuse his powers and ransack a world that is not his? Nope he does not. Back to Wonder Woman. There is much nobility about her and an aura of goodness around her, but she can strike fear into her enemies' hearts just as effectively. On a whole metaphorical level, Wonder Woman set out to liberate women by giving the example [fictional, but a good example] that a woman can be a man's equal and what a better way to underline this than by saving the world.

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Amazing artwork - and she's hot!

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