Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Storm in Art

It's time to jump back to Marvel and to Storm, who is in top 3 Marvel Women That Won My Heart With Their Powers. I fell in love with Ororo Munroe first and then discovered the awesomeness that is Jean Grey. While Jean is more telepathic and the pumped telekinesis bit became a more recent development, Ororo is always in the air, always calling storms, always flinging lightning and god knows what else weather can come up with. Ororo has been depicted more than once to be a goddess for her African tribe before being recruited by Charles Xavier and her powers have been developed and honed to suggest that Ororo, when pissed and at top energy, can annihilate primordial deity style. Plus, she is a stunning woman to boot.


Lisa Lane said...

Storm is another one of my favorites, too. Nice pics!

Harry Markov said...

Thanks. :) And I love her too.

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