Friday, January 15, 2010

Poison Ivy in Art

Editor's Note: Yesterday, I had a spot of trouble [nothing frightening], my mind moaned, bitched and fidgeted, so the brain decided to take a leave and make a quick get away with the mind, so that the lady can lower the decibels [dynamic that marriage brain/mind is]. When the brain is out, I am not fit to do much other than watch moving pictures and stare, so I did just that. Now, let's go back to the scheduled programme.


When I posted about Harley Quinn a few days ago, I suddenly realised that I missed a valuable DC villainess, who has topped my chart for so long. Meet the infamous Pamela Isley aka Poison Ivy, one of the oldest villains to torment Batman right from the cradle of his conception. This deadly flower made her first debut in 1966 and has stayed for a very long time in fans' hearts and imaginations. There can only be one term for Poison Ivy: femme fatale and one word to further capture her: class. She is dangerous, but there is an elegant finish to all her crimes and venomous grace in the way she carries herself. If Mother Nature ever wanted to go dark side, then Poison Ivy would probably be her avatar. I mean controling plants, creating sentient beings, being toxic and then have a mystical connection to all flora. That has to be amazing. I want to see her portrayed in a new Batman movie [no, Uma Thurman this time] and I think that Monica Bellucci would be an amazing fit.


T.D. Newton said...

Did you ever notice how some of the Batman villains are just stereotypes taken a little too far? Catwoman: crazy cat lady. Poison Ivy: crazy plant lady.

Hmm. Odd.

Harry Markov said...

I never knew there were crazy plant ladies... And to be honest I doubt that the crazy women in real life match both DC characters in pure evil hotness.

Carl V. said...

These are all great. I've always been a fan of Poison the redheads!

Harry Markov said...

I love Ivy as well. What do you think? Bellucci as the new Ivy?

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