Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Magneto in Art

I cannot pass this month without mentioning one of the ringleaders in the Marvel universe and it was either Magneto or Professor Xavier [and I, for reasons unknown, resent the latter]. Magneto has made his first appearence way back in 1963 and has had a few names, which confuse me to no end. He has been Eric Lensherr/Magnus or Max Eisenhardt in the god knows how many realities that parallel the mainstream one. The character has a dumb code name. When I hear magneto I imagine fridge magnets and that red helmet number does do him any favors, but the dude has direct control over Earth's magnetic field and shit you up with his pinkie in ways Wolverine needs weeks to get remotely close. Magneto also got his genes pimped by an Alpha mutant and he got the anti-ageing treatment that rich women over 40 wet themselves for, maintaining that villainous chiselled body, despite the fact that his youth was spent in Auschwitz.

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