Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Huntress in Art

I decided to swap DC and Marvel every male/female couple, so that I may not seem too favorable of either imprints. Today’s heroine is Huntress, who happens to be one of those two women, two costumes, one codename. The first Huntress is Helena Wayne, the daughter of Catwoman and Batman and first debuted in the late seventies in Earth-2, where the DC Golden Age takes place, but is removed in the mid-80s. After that the Huntress mantle has been taken by Helena Bertinelli, the mafia daughter turned into a righteous [and exceedingly violent] vigilante. Although both Helena’s look alike, the images I am showing are from version 2, which is also the more popular one. In Birds of Prey, Helena certainly is the wild card character, who seems most problematic, but also most changed in a better way after working with Oracle and the Black Canary. There is also that aspect that she is an extremely aggressive woman and there is that raw sexuality about her, which the designers could not neglect, thus giving us the revealing costume, which non-vigilantes might use to make that Halloween night special for their special person… You gotta love costume designers, when it comes to women and spandex/leather as chosen fabric for those long nights fighting crime.


Hagelrat said...

damn I love mystic oracle's take.

Harry Markov said...

I know.. Breath taking.

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